Destiny 2 Director Says Bungie Will Address Hot Topic Issues Like Vendors And Economy Next Week

Posted by November 25, 2017 Comment

With Curse of Osiris on the horizon, Bungie has been holding several livestreams detailing the content of the DLC over the last few weeks. However, the upcoming one may be a little less flashy, but potentially much more important to Destiny’s persistence.

Taking to Twitter, director Luke Smith explained that the livestream, which looks set for Tuesday, will focus on endgame issues and specifically, things that the fans have been complaining about since release. He said that it will address concerns over the ‘systems’ and focus on things like community concerns, economy and vendors.

The conversation around Destiny 2‘s endgame has been a heated one with many wanting more interesting reasons to continue to play the game. These issues have surrounded the token and vendor systems mainly. A few weeks ago, the live team took over development on the game and many rejoiced as that team also solved a lot of Destiny 1‘s problems. It seems we might now be seeing the fruits of their labour. Look forward to Monday. This could be surprisingly important for the game.

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