IDW February 2018 Solicits: The One Reprinted, Punk’s Not Dead Launching, Jim Starlin Artifact Edition

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The One: The Last Word in Superheroics is receiving a reprint courtesy of IDW Publishing this February. A graphic novel by Rick VeitchThe One was one of the original deconstructions of the superhero genre akin to The Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns. Marvel originally published it, but they have done their best to bury it away since then. However, IDW has apparently gotten the rights to reprint it, and it will be available to the reader in February of 2018.

Plus, Punk’s Not Dead is launching under IDW’s Black Crown label, G.I Joe is meeting the Six Million Dollar Man, Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken is launching, Goosebumps wants you to Download and Die! and Highest House launches. Finally, Jim Starlin‘s Marvel Cosmic Artifact Edition is being put out for you collecting pleasure.

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