Jeff Lemire Says Writing X-Men Was “Kind Of A Nightmare”

Italian website Fumettologica interviewed Jeff Lemire and had lots to ask him about his work, including current Image titles Descender and Royal City and Dark Horse title Black Hammer.

But also about his Marvel Comics work and how the different books… well, differed.

“Certain books like Moon Knight total freedom, they never gave me any notes and you can kinda see it in the work, it’s the best thing I did….

…. the X-Men stuff was… Kind of a nightmare, to the honest. Really difficult. I came into [it] and they already had storylines in place I had to use that I probably wouldn’t come up with myself, and I felt editorial was very restricting in what they wanted. And too many notes. And then you start second-guessing yourself. It’s just not a good situation. That wasn’t a great experience, but on the flip side, doing Moon Knight was really fun.”

At least he didn’t have to take the X-Men to a different planet anymore.


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