What If Wonder Woman Was A Housewife? More From Gerard Way’s Milk Wars

We’ve got more covers (and details) about the upcoming Milk Wars comics that see DC Comics titles meet the characters of Young Animal, the comic book line curated by Gerard Way. We’d already seen Frank Quitely‘s reworking of Superman as Milkman Man and now, courtesy of PR sent to The AV Club, we get to see his take on The Wonder Wife…

…and Father Wayne…

Along with the Milkman Man, this is a Trinity set to cause all sorts of capers for JLA/Doom Patrol Special by Steve Orlando, Way, and ACO has the Doom Patrol meeting RetCo’s version of the Justice League, led by Milkman Man, the last son of Krypton raised by an evil dairy farmer.

Jody Houser and Ty Templeton’s Mother Panic/Batman Special introduces Father Bruce, an orphaned billionaire who has turned the traumatizing orphanage Gather House into a school for future Robins.

Cecil Castellucci and Mirka Andolfo’s Shade The Changing Girl/Wonder Woman Special makes Shade a servant of Wonder Wife.

Jon Rivera and Langdon Foss’s Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye/Swamp Thing Special has the two horror-influenced heroes teaming up to infiltrate RetCo from within.

 Doom Patrol/JLA Special, teaming Orlando and Way with Dale Eaglesham.

The AV Club has some preview artwork, and we can expect more details in the February 2018 DC solicits for the series of one-shots.

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