The Great Lie: What Doomsday Clock Secrets Is DC Hiding Behind This Password-Protected Page?

About two hours ago, a new page popped up on DC Comics’ official news blog. The title: The Great Lie. But clicking on the link brings you to a mysterious password-protected page. What secrets are DC hiding, and is this meant to be a fun game tying into the upcoming release of Doomsday Clock #1, or are we about to commit felony hacking trying to figure out the password?

One thing we can assure you: THERE IS NO COLLUSION!

Though the teaser image on DC’s page is nothing but a DC logo on a black background, the title reveals that whatever is going on, it’s Doomsday Clock related. It’s the headline seen on a newspaper in the Doomsday Clock Ashcan.

Is the password hidden amongst the rest of the pages? You can read them all here. Or will we need to wait until Doomsday Clock #1 hits stores on on Wednesday, November 22nd (or until someone who got a preview copy early leaks it)? God, we hope not. That’s five whole days! Our attention span isn’t that long!

Help us, Rob Liefeld! You’re our only hope!

If you figure out the password, let us know. Unless it turns out this is all some kind of mistake, in which case, we’ve never met you, we certainly didn’t tell you about any password protected DC Comics web page, and ha ha why are we even talking to you about this! *wipes sweat off brow*

Crack the code below!

And just so you know, we checked, and the password isn’t “pancakes.”

UPDATE: It didn’t take long for one of our commenters to figure out. It turns out the page was part of a scavenger hunt that started a month ago (we can’t imagine hanging in that long), and we’ve all just managed to stumble upon it right before the final reveal, after everyone else has done all the work. Perfect!

If you want to know the password, proceed below…

spoiler Monday Night Raw

“Little Bleeder” Jason Kline writes:

The password is 1992. It’s part of the Doomsday Clock scavenger hunt thing. They had this riddle earlier:

In 1986, the end was nigh.
This is the year “the end is here.”

Click on the link above and put in the password to see a video which reveals the following image:

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