Win A $100 Amazon Gift Card And One Year Of Comixology Unlimited From Small Press Creators

Win A $100 Amazon Gift Card And One Year Of Comixology Unlimited From Small Press Creators

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Brandon Perlow writes for Bleeding Cool:

So its now the Holiday Season, and Really Crappy Christmas Music™ will be blasted in your ears like psychological warfare everywhere you eat and shop. Then you need to burn lots of money on gifts for everyone else, and hope you have enough for yourself. Well, my friends and I would like to see if we can make that better for you. We would like to offer you a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card and $75 Comixology subscription.

I’m sure there are plenty of things you might want to get with that gift card — toys, graphic novels, model kits, or that gift for someone else you can’t afford right now. With all the comics out now, you can’t possibly keep up! You won’t have to invest in every Marvel or DC crossover, or that Image issue that you missed (and now 50 bucks!). With a Comixology Unlimited subscription for a year, you can read them all digitally!

You go to our friend Russell Nohelty’s page here for the giveaway. The prizes award December 1st. What’s the catch? You sign up for our mailing lists. You wont be blasted every day, but when we have something cool or new, you’ll know about it. (Maybe even more giveaways!)

So to give you a rundown of our series, I think there’s a book or two that we’ve done that should appeal to someone who likes comics.

I have a new series in development for next year: Nimbus with Paul Mendoza (co-artist and story). Its going to be a very cool “space operatic” science-fiction series that wont be a bunch of talking heads like some of the major independents like to publish. We’ve redone Sherlock Holmes like no one else has (Watson and Holmes), and got Glyph awards and Eisner nominations with it. Nimbus will be even better, and try to set a New Paradigm of science-fiction storytelling ;) . Yeah, I know I’m reaching for the stars, but I think many folks will like it.

My occasional con booth-mate Jason Reeves, AKA 133Art, is another Glyph award winner and USA Today comics artist. Jason has many cool books — OneNation, F-00 Fighters (co-creator), and a new series (Kid Carvers) about two young inventor siblings that solve neighborhood crimes. Kid Carvers is a great series that could be good for your kids, or someone you know that does. Comics make great gifts, and getting new ones into the medium is paramount!

Russell Nohelty, AKA Wannabee Press, the person running this, has many successful Kickstarters of his books and comics. Russell does great Horror and Fantasy comics (Monsters and Other Scary Shit: A Monster AnthologyKatrina Hates Dead Shit, Ichabod Jones- Monster Hunter, ) and his recent successfully funded Kickstarter comic Pixie-Dust — about a zombified fairy out for revenge! Also take a look at his novels and children’s books.

Bob Salley the creator of  Salvagers (with art by George Acevedo) , a successfully Kickstarter-funded action science-fiction comic series about a distant future where corporate ‘Salvager’ teams are commissioned to recover the wrecks ships and stations destroyed in the last galactic war, risking all for profit in a hostile galaxy. Salley has more tales planned and other things coming soon.

Writer-Artist Don Walker has created two successful Kickstarter science-fiction/superhero comics. His first series, Agent Wild, is about an alien intergalactic agent policing the alien presence on Earth who uncovers a plot to destroy an entire galactic alliance. Starting with EARTH. His second Reaper Corps, A future where humans, clones and cyborgs clash. Don has more projects coming later next year.

Writer/Publisher Josh Dahl has a successful Kickstarter funded comic series called Rapid City Below Zero, with art by Shawn Langley. Rapid City Below Zero is a 12-part super-villain revenge story It stars Icicle, a female super-villain whose crew was betrayed and murdered. The story follows her mission of revenge on the murderer, Coil, as he ascends to the head of Rapid City’s super-crime underworld.

Khyber Knights is an eight-volume graphic novel series, inspired by an amazing, true adventure story. An American journalist covering the Soviet war with Afghanistan, is setup by a corrupt Pakistani Police Chief and thrown into a notorious prison. Upon release, his close friend is kidnapped by Pashtun Bandits and our hero must join forces with the Mujahideen in order to find and rescue him, in the lawless frontier surrounding the Khyber Pass. Written by Terrance Grace (The Locksmith, Spanish Moss), with art by Juan Francisco Moyano and colors by Jay Moyano.

Black Suit of Death is a comic book series published by Warrior Innkeeper Creative about a depressed college student who stumbles upon the alien biomechanoid suit of armor behind the myth of the Grim Reaper. Graphic Policy calls it a “story that effortlessly cross genres, art styles and tens of thousands of years.” A mixture of sci-fi, horror, and humor, this character focused series is written by E.R. Ellsworth and Benjamin J.Kreger with art by the incomparable Dexter Wee.

Erik Lervold is a painter, graphic designer and a comic artist has worked for Tokyopop, Archie and Vertigo. His next big project, Sophia October, Goth For Hire, is about a young woman that helps the living, and otherwise with their day to day problems — sort of. The comic will be out April of 2018. Check his work at, and

With all these cool and diverse creators aboard we have some great titles to read , while getting the chance to win $100 Amazon Gift Card and Comixlogy Unlimited Subscription. Hopefully you get something you want with it! You get more comics. There’s never enough comics, just never enough closet or bookshelf space. Thank goodness for hard drives and tablets! Good luck and Happy Holidays (hey, Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet!)

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