Coliseum Of Comics Buys 2 Comic Shops, Making 9 Stores In The Chain

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Orlando based comic book chain Coliseum of Comics has purchased two new Floridan comic book stores to add to the chain, Superhero Hive and Superhero Beach or Riverside and Jacksonville Beach, bought from store owner Neil Sindicich. He set up the Jacksonville Beach store in 2011 and purchased the Riverside store in 2013.

These two stores will create a total of nine stores in the Coliseum of Comics family.

They will also be adding an extra day onto the week’s business, both now opening on Mondays, with evening extended hours, and a grand reopening fornoth stores in February for the chain’s 35th anniversary.

Jacksonville Business Journal quotes the store president Phil Boyle as saying:

“We’re really happy to be keeping the same staff in place, because one of the things we’ve realized over the years is that the people that run comic stores are kind of the bartenders to the nerd sect. And that’s a happy term.”

And that the new chain will add new products to the purchased stores, including “a full line of trade paperbacks, Funko Pop vinyl figures, action figurines, expanded line of new comics and a significant addition of back issues.”

And lots of statues:

“Coliseum has always liked a high-end store… I love having the statues in the stores, even though some of them are extremely pricey, they look wonderful and it brings a different clientele into the stores. We have high-end back issues as well, it’s something we’ve always pursued.”

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