Rob Liefeld Is Not The Artist Of Mark Millar's Next Comic Book

Rob Liefeld Is Not The Artist Of Mark Millar’s Next Comic Book

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Yesterday, Bleeding Cool reported on Mark Millar‘s announcement that he will soon make an announcement about his first new comic book since Millarworld was acquired by Netflix. Millar said that he had asked “the best artist in the industry” to draw the book, and so we naturally assumed that he must be talking about Sir Robert Liefeld. We mean, that’s obvious, right? Well, apparently not.

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Liefeld took to Twitter to reveal that he is not involved in Millar’s new project in any way, though he does wish whoever it is the best.

So what happened? Were we wrong in assuming that “the best artist in the industry” must be Rob Liefeld?

Of course not! Liefeld is, objectively, the best artist in the industry. Everybody knows that. The problem is, Millar only said that he “asked” the best artist to draw the book, not that the best artist agreed. So it’s entirely possible that Millar, knowing like us that Rob Liefeld is the best artist in the industry, asked Liefeld to draw the book and Liefeld said no, so Millar had to get somebody else. That certainly sounds like the most reasonable explanation to us.

Millar said we’d hear more about the new book this weekend, so we’re interested to see who his second choice was. Stay tuned!

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