The First Rule Of Fight Club? Don’t Call Your Comic ‘Hi-Fi Fight Club’

We hear that Boom! Studios is quietly notifying Diamond Comics and retailers today that Hi-Fi Fight Club #4— the final issue of their Boom! Box title by Carli Usdin and Nina Vakueva about a group of women in a record store who double as pugilistic vigilantes — has changed its title to Heavy Vinyl #4 before its publishing date at the end of the month.

Final orders for the issue are due on Monday, so we assume this is Boom!’s attempt to get the word out lest a retailer wants to adjust their order of Hi-Fi Fight Club and isn’t be able to find it. At least the logo looks the same:

Expect the trade paperback to reflect this changed title at some point, before it is published in April 2018.

Interesting to note the record store in the series is called Vinyl Mayhem, which is awfully similar to Project Mayhem, Tyler Durden’s grand plan in Fight Club. It appears that Boom! heard from some m’learned friends on behalf of unhappy folks behind Fight Club — or, perhaps Fight Club 2 — and a change was made. Apparently, the first rule of Fight Club is: don’t call your comic book Fight Club.


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