You’ll Do A Double Take When You Learn What Bill Jemas Has Been Up To Lately

Last year, Bill Jemas‘s venture into launching a brand new share comics universe set in the world of the classic film Night of the Living Dead came to an end when the company closed down. At the time, Bleeding Cool speculated on Jemas’s next move, suggesting that he could work with Valiant Entertainment’s Chinese overlords, DMG, to take over another comic book publisher. That may still end up being the case, eventually. But for now, Bill Jemas, it seems, has other plans in mind: saving the world from cancer via healthy food and beverages.

Bill Jemas - Luigi Novi
By Luigi Novi, [CC BY 3.0 or CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Back in May, beverage industry website BevNet had the scoop that slipped by the comics news business: Jemas was teaming with some beverage industry execs to form Gratitude Foods, a company that will produce beverages and food “using ingredients clinically-proven to help prevent cancer.” Jemas apparently came up with the idea, and was called “the driving force” of the venture by his partners. Jemas, like all of the executives involved in the project, has dealt with cancer in his personal life.

Since the initial spurt of articles in May, there haven’t been any public updates on the project. The company planned to launch with cancer-fighting teas and later expand into vegan meals and other products, and promised to go public soon. However, one of Jemas’s partners, Roy Warren, recently found himself back on the front page of BevNet due to reports that the company he currently serves as CEO, Attitude Drinks, has gone out of business. Hopefully Gratitude fares better than Attitude did.

Jemas, for his part, has been quiet on social media since Double Take shut down last October.

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