A Quick And Easy Way To Dive Into The Pathfinder RPG

A Quick And Easy Way To Dive Into The Pathfinder RPG

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I have a confession to make. As nerdy as I was growing up, I wasn’t 100% stereotypical nerd. I loved comics, kept a list of all the ones I had. Loved Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Transformers, the whole thing. I also read a lot… mysteries and military fiction. But the thing that kept me from going full-geek… I liked sports and didn’t play Dungeons & Dragons. When I got with my friends, we played catch in the street, never grabbing a sword and facing off against a level six gnoll. I didn’t even try playing until I was in my twenties and that was maybe two nights worth. But over the last couple years I got back into reading and trying for fantasy novels and playing World of Warcraft for the last decade made me start to wonder about RPGs. Now, I’m in a D&D group and having a blast.Pathfinder

One of the things the DM is doing is mixing in some piece from Pathfinder. Which got me curious about that world as well. Then I ran the story this week about the new Pathfinder Worldscape Humble Bundle and decided to buy it. I’ve seen the comics before, read a few. They’re good. But I was more interested in the gaming side of the deal. At the $1 level you get the Pathfinder Roleplaying Digital Beginners Box, which alone is worth much more than a dollar… but you also digitally get the core rule book, character portfolio, society roleplaying guide, The Cost of Enlightenment book and a few maps to play on. 

At the $8 level you also digitally get a strategy guide, a bestiary, a games master guide and the adventures Crypt of the Everflame, Goblins of Golarian, and Magnimar, City of Monuments. Plus more maps. I know these aren’t physical copies, but all the information you need to play is there and you can put them on your table or laptop. 

Now at the $15 level you get a bunch more digital adventures including Heart of the Jungle, Masks of the Living Dead, City of the Golden Death, Blood of the Night, Rule of Fear, Blood of the Moon , Classic Horrors Revisited and Undead Revisited. Plus more maps. 

The next level is the $25 level and value wise you could justify that alone with the digital copy of Year of the Risen Rune which is a pack of 26 different adventures. There’s also Classic Treasures revisited and six more maps. And that’s along with over 100 digital comics.

And then there is the physical level at $45 where you get everything above plus five unpainted miniatures of Red Sonja, Tarzan, John Carter, Tars Tarkas and a Starfinder Masterclass preview figure. Plus 4 physical comics.

Now, like I said above, I’m just getting into role-playing, but this seems like hell of a deal for anyone who plays Pathfinder. Even if you have some of the items, having digital copies just makes a lot of sense so you can take them with you, etc. Also, watching my DM work in some of the Pathfinder stuff into the D&D world seems pretty seamless. It’s definitely worth checking out at least. $667 worth of digital gaming books and comics for the asking price is a bargain.

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