Halloween Time At Cars Land Inside Disney’s California Adventure!

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How many of you really liked the movie Cars? What about the sequel? If you’re a big Disney nut like me, you’re well aware of the Cars themed area inside Disney’s California Adventure. If you’re not, yes, there is an entire section of a theme park dedicated to that specific movie. To be fair, A Bugs Life also has a big area as well. Toy Story, meanwhile, not so much. Chew on that for a bit. (Yes, I know there’s going to be a whole Pixar land overhaul. It took them a while, though.)

It should come as no surprise that almost every inch of Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure is decked out for Halloween. The Disney Parks Blog has been doing a great job of detailing every Halloween thing at Disney, and right now the Cars Halloween getup is where it’s at! Check out these amazing photos below (from the DPG). The Halloween stuff is only out until October 31st, so get there while you can!

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