New Year’s Resolution From Marvel: Lenticular Covers Will Be The Main Cover, No Tiers Required

Posted by October 13, 2017 Comment

In January, Marvel is launching three big books with lenticular covers: Phoenix Resurrection #1, Avengers #675, and Guardians of the Galaxy #150. However, it appears that they have learned a little from the Marvel Legacy relaunch.

The current Marvel Legacy lenticular cover versions show a new cover and the classic cover as two separate images. However, Marvel has been criticised for not presenting one image easily to both eyes at any time because of the thinness of the lenticular covers — with the DC Comics versions looking far superior as a result.

However, the covers for these three books, rather than the two-image covers that launched Marvel Legacy, will present two different perspective angles on the same image, which should simulate a 3D effect instead. And while the Marvel Legacy causes issues due to people’s eyes receiving different images, creating a blurred and uncomfortable composite, a 3D cover that presents one eye with one image and another eye with another image is kinda the point. So it should be a much more effective, well, effect.

The other big complaint was that the 3D covers variants for Marvel Legacy were tied into ordering over the odds numbers for standard cover editions of the comics, while simultaneously making those standard editions far less attractive to the consumer, leaving retailers stuck with unsellable product.

Well, for these three books, Marvel has made the 3D lenticular cover the main cover for all three books. No tiers, overorders, or disappointments — which means this cover for Phoenix Resurrection #1.

This cover for Avengers #675:

And an as-yet-unseen cover for Guardians of the Galaxy #150. As a result, all three of Marvel’s big January launches, though the covers have made their FOC dates come a month early — which is why they were solicited in the December shipping solicitations.

Has Marvel Comics turned over a new lenticular leaf for 2018?

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