Bleeding Cool Takes The South Park Member Berries Challenge At NYCC

Adam Wolfe reports from New York Comic Con:

Last year at New York Comic Con, South Park sent in huge life-size cutouts of some of the most iconic scenes and characters to pose and take pictures with. Personally, I thought it was awesome and was wondering how they could top their display this year. Well, they didn't disappoint.

Lucky fans got to take the "Member Berries Challenge." Basically, you sit at the dinner table with Randy Marsh and are asked South Park trivia. If you don't membah, then Randy turns to you and unleashes a torrent of purple member berry puke.

Now, the good folks at the booth provided the participants with ponchos and goggles, so there was no risk of getting your cosplay soaked in the purple goo of shame. The questions varied from easy to downright ridiculous. I consider myself a pretty big fan of South Park, but sadly, I came up a little short. Though, as I always say, defeat stings less against a worthy opponent.

Watch below to see me get blasted with purple slime while you say to yourself, "Pfft, I totally knew that one." South Park is currently running its 21st season on Comedy Central — make sure to tune in so you don't get stumped next year!

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