64-Year-Old Man Charged In Theft Of Joe Quesada’s Personal Art Collection, Worth $250,000

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Steve Janoski, writer for NorthJersey.com, is reporting that Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment, has had a quarter of a million dollars of original art stolen — allegedly by a handyman hired to repair water damage to his Sparta home after a burst water pipe.

The Sparta police report says 64-year-old handyman Francesco Bove took the art after Quesada hired him. Bove is now awaiting extradition after New York City police arrested him yesterday on charges of theft and burglary.

The charges state that while at the property, Bove covered the security cameras with towels, then moved into Quesada’s home with his partner while the Quesadas were away. When Nanci Quesada noticed the blanked-out screens, but the security company said the cameras were working, the Quesadas asked a friend to check out the house. When the friend reported someone staying in the house, Quesada called Bove, who admitted he’d been staying there. Quesada fired him and told him to leave.

Shortly afterwards, personal artwork by Joe was reported as being offered for sale and the Quesadas discovered their art collection had been stolen, which included rare comic books and original comic art.

The seller had bought certain pieces of art from Biove for $5000, while Bove claimed Quesada had gifted them to him due to water damage. NorthJersey.com reports the police stated that Bove had taken a trip to Italy, but on his return and arrest admitted the theft and sale to various New York dealers. Bove has been charged with third-degree burglary and second-degree theft.

If you have been offered or know of any suspicious work being sold recently, it might be worth checking with Quesada first…

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