Nerd Food: Superhero Jelly Belly Art Comes To Life At New York Comic Con 2017!

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Artist Kristin Cumings is no stranger to using jelly beans in her artwork. She’s been using the medium in her work for some time now, creating portraits and other art with the delicious snack food. This in turn got the attention of Jelly Belly, who has since hired Cumings to create a number of Jelly Belly art pieces over the years.

A typical piece takes 70-100 hours to complete, with 40-50 of those hours dedicated to putting the beans on. Cumings enjoys using the beans as a medium, and creates 7-10 new Jelly Belly works of art per year.

The art typically goes along with the current packaging, and at this year’s NYCC, she was working on a Superman piece. Wonder Woman has been her favorite by far, but despite which character she’s creating, she loves the use of colors and how creative the process is. She doesn’t really have a dream creation in mind, but she would love to try her hand at the super villains one day!

The finished pieces are usually on display at the Jelly Belly visitor center and factory, but they also get sent to various shows around the country.

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