Runners And Riders For Who Is Under The Rorschach Mask In Doomsday Clock #1?

In the annotated Doomsday Clock ashcan #1 article from this morning, we raised the possibility that someone else other than Walter Korvacs is under the Rorschach mask in Doomsday Clock — as it’s set five years after Rorschach was disintegrated by Dr Manhattan. So who could it be?

Two to one: Walter Korvacs. Manhattan took him apart, he could put him back together again. Or Adrian Veidt cloned him.

Evens: Adrian Veidt. Ozymandias, look upon his wonders and despair. He is missing from his tower, his pleasure dome, and he is gone. Possibly with a tumour. It makes a good disguise.

Three to one: Dan Dreiberg. Nite Owl and Silk Spectre are missing, Dan probably knows where Rorschach kept his spare get up.

Five to one: Laurie Juspeczyk. No reason it couldn’t be a female Rorschach. She’s out while Dan is asleep at home.

Three to one: Bruce Wayne. The crossover has happened. Bruce Wayne has read the journal, after Manhattan stole if from US authorities and, in the manner of Matches Malone, has decided to add another disguise to his repertoire.

Ten to one: Clark Kent. He’s just been killed in the DC Universe, and three days later he rose again at the hands of Dr Manhattan and as that storyline plays out he now has to remain in disguise. Well, it’s this or a beard.

Fifty to one: Donald Trump is President of the USA in 1992. But he preserves his privacy… while still going around being a dick.

A hundred to one: Seymour. He found Rorschach’s diary, after all. Who knows what reading it did to him — or what happened when the Gazette ran with the story instead?

Any other options we might consider?

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