Ian Flynn Writing Sonic Comic For IDW, Plus Weekly Release Schedule For April 2018

Though months have passed since the nasty public breakup that saw Sega announce via Twitter that it had dumped Archie on the eve of San Diego Comic Con, only to show up at the event hanging all over its new Sonic the Hedgehog comic publishing partner, IDW, right in front of everyone. But if Archie has been trying to put the whole thing behind them, IDW isn't making it easy.

At New York Comic Con today, IDW revealed that Ian Flynn, longtime Sonic the Hedgehog comics creator who was working on Archie's Sonic comics before the split, will now be writing IDW's Sonic comic. "Ian Flynn Sonic comics?! But that was our thing!" is probably the sort of thing Archie is thinking about drunk texting Sega later tonight.

Take our advice, Archie: just let it go. Think about the good times. Not the bad times, or the lawsuits. So many lawsuits. Find a new licensed intellectual property partner for a quick rebound fling. Just concentrate on yourself for a while.


In addition, we've got release dates for the upcoming books. The first issue hits stores on April 4th, with the next to follow on April 11th, April 18th, and April 25th.

And cover art by Tyson Hesse, which everyone in attendance at the panel received:

Bleeding Cool ace reporter Freddy Vale is at the panel, sending us breaking news updates. Check back later for a full panel report.

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