Castle Rock Season 1 Plot Details Revealed, Now With More Shawshank

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The Castle Rock panel is happening at New York Comic Con as we speak, and Bleeding Cool ace television reporter Ray Flook is on the scene sending us plot-heavy breaking news. Or a better way to put that might be “Flooks was here,” as the plot details Flook is sending us are all about Shawshank prison, of Shawshank Redemption fame.

In the pre-panel press conference, producers Sam Shaw and Dustin Thomason promised that the location would be an “integral” part of the story for the show’s first season. In a video shown at the beginning of the panel, a sinking car with a Shawshank sticker was the final shot. And at the panel itself, we got the meaty details: Attorney Henry (Andre Holland) is brought back to Castle Rock after some time away to get to the bottom of a mysterious crime at Shawshank. Bill Skarsgard‘s character (still not named) is a prisoner in Shawshank who is directly involved in Henry’s case.

So that’s the premise of Season 1, but as we learned earlier, the entire show will get a new lead cast and new storyline for Season 2. Check back later for a full panel report.

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