Trying Out Black Panther In 'MvCI' During NYCC 2017

Trying Out Black Panther In ‘Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite’ During NYCC 2017

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One of the highlights to Capcom’s booth at NYCC was that they brought three of the new DLC characters for Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite for people to try out. The lines were long and not a lot of people had time to play anything in-depth, so given the fact that I had only time to play one match against someone, I decided to go with Black Panther as I teamed him up with the familiar face of Dr. Strange for my fight.



Black Panther is much more of an up-close-and-personal kind of fighter, which makes him feel like Wolverine, only without the great attacks and stances. If this is the Wolverine replacement character, he needs a little work, because it also left me open to a lot of attacks I normally wouldn’t have gotten slammed by. Overall he was fun to play as, but the character needs some tweaks. We’ll see how he handles when all of them are released.


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