‘Batman: Last Knight’ Is Scott Snyder’s Final Batman Story (For Now), Plus Grant Morrison On DC Metal?!

At the Batman panel at New York Comic Con 2017 today, Scott Snyder finally revealed the details on his long-awaited final Batman story (for a while), teased since April.

Snyder previously compared the story to Mad Max, but at today’s panel he said it had a Lone Wolf and Cub vibe. The story, which will be drawn by Sean Gordon Murphy, is set 25 years in the future. Batman wakes up in this future to find a talking Joker head on his bat-belt. The story, it seems, will be called Batman: Last Knight (we assume it won’t be Last Night). It will be its own series, as previously reported, rather than as an arc of All-Star Batman as it was first envisioned.

That wasn’t the only big revelation, however. Snyder said that he’s working on something with Grant Morrison, connected somehow to #DCMetal. No details were revealed on that, but it looks like Grant Morrison has got his magical fingers in all the pies since his return to DC.

Bleeding Cool ace reporter Dimitrios Haritos was on hand at the panel, and he’ll be filing a full report later. Until then, stay tuned to Bleeding Cool for more breaking news from the show.

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