Neil Gaiman Is Now A Species Of Beetle

Scientists have named a new species of beetle after Neil GaimanPterostichus neilgaimani.

The news comes via CBR, who cite a paper by Giorgi Chaladze, Levan, Kalatozishvili, Zurab Janiashvili and Giorgi Bakuradze whose abstract reads: “A new species of ground beetles (Coleoptea: Carabidae) belonging to the subgenus Aphaonus Reitter, 1887 (genus Pterostichus Bonelli, 1810) is described, based on two specimens collected from the sacred grove of Khevsha (Eastern Georgia).”

Apparently, the Georgian scientists were studying sacred tree groves that hadn’t been touched by humans for centuries, allowing them to discover the new kind of beetle. They chose to name the beetle after Gaiman both because of the thematic similarity between the theme of many of Gaiman’s stories — remembering something forgotten — and the discovery of the beetle, and also because of the beetle’s unruly shock of hair and penchant for leather jackets, sunglasses, and Amanda Palmer music.

If you’re a nerd, you can read the scientific paper here.

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