Mark Waid, Tom Brevoort, And More Talk Marvel At Baltimore Comic-Con

Marvel Panel At Baltimore Comic-Con: “Many People Feel As Though Marvel Just Hadn’t Been Feeling Right”

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Brian Lake writes for Bleeding Cool from Baltimore Comic-Con:

At the beginning of the panel, writer Mark Waid and editor Tom Brevoort took 15 minutes of questions to engage with the crowd before the rest of the panel came out. One thing that came from this was Mark Waid’s opinion that he has never met someone who is not a fan of Ben Grimm, The Thing from the Fantastic Four. After it was said, he and Breevort scanned the room of over 500 attendees and it seemed as though everyone was in agreement.

The remaining panel arrived at 1:30: writer Greg Pak, writer Charles Soule and artist Ken Lashley. Then Brevoort asked if someone would like to join them on the stage to read a copy of Marvel Legacy #1, a fan dressed as Bishop from the X-Men joined them on stage and silently read the book for the next 30 minutes.


Waid is going back to Captain America for his fourth run on the book with issue 695, with Chris Samnee. The storyline will follow Steve Rogers back as Captain America and will be traveling the US and likely won’t be punching a Nazi in the first issue, but Waid promises it will happen at some point soon. Waid also plans to tell stories in Champions about fighting against racism that ultimately leads to the Champions joining back with the Avengers that they had spun off of.

Greg Pak currently writing Hulk (formally Totally Awesome Hulk), and Weapon X. Pak is enthusiastic to be back to Planet Hulk, however this time it’s the cocky and intelligent Amadeus Cho. Plan for a lot of fantasy and battles featuring art by Greg Land. For Weapon X, be ready for the team mixed of heroes and villains led by Old Man Logan who heads to Santa Marco in South America, where there is a huge anti-mutant campaign going on. They battle mercenaries with American flags tattooed on their faces.

Ken Lashley is currently the artist for X-Men Gold, which his dream job. In his opinion, it’s the holy grail as a fan of classic John Byrne X-Men, and his favorite character in comics is Colossus. Currently, he does both the covers and interiors. He says he has been to the top of the mountain with this job, and after this, he has nothing more to do than retire.

After the panel walked through their books, it turned back to the gentleman, who had just finished reading Marvel Legacy #1. When asked what he thought, Lashley said he had walked away from many of the Marvel books during Secret Empire due to the political overtones. He did like Legacy, and said it should tie up some loose ends on Wakanda and Phoenix.

During Q&A, a fan shared with Mark Waid that he walked away from Marvel five years ago, due to reboots and restarts, he asked how does Legacy fit in. Breevort said many people feel as though Marvel just hadn’t been feeling right in general for many things Marvel. Legacy, in his opinion, is trying to get over the overcorrection over the last few years. Breevort then pulled $6 from his wallet gave it to the fan that asked the question and told him to buy Marvel Legacy #1 and give it a try.

Marvel Two-in-One in December will feature art by Jim Cheung and the book will focus on Johnny Storm, the Human Torch and Ben Grimm, the Thing doing a buddy story adventure series where they go on a search for the rest of the Fantastic Four. There’s no guarantee that you will see the Fantastic Four next year, but this series would likely be a lead-in. Breevort would neither confirm nor deny the return next year of the Fantastic Four but urges fans that would like to see that happen to grab onto this series. Typically they don’t use superstar Jim Cheung for a series that doesn’t lead to something, so stay tuned!

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