Top 20 Comics, Film, And More Geeky News Stories This Week – 09/17/17

Lying In The Gutters – September 17th, 2017 – Hush, Baby Darkseid

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It’s been a week of Twitter outrage, video outrage, and the restraint of a comic book publisher who is promising not to pull the udder one. But what have you been reading? Well, despite all the social media fuss, it looks to be more about what you’ve been watching instead…

Throw those horns up, Baby Darkseid!

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. Lucifer Season 3 Starts With Lucifer Hunting God’s Emissary
  2. Once Upon A Time Season 7 Won’t Just Copy The Series Pilot
  3. The Blacklist Season 5 Starts With Reddington Having To Rebuild
  4. Hawaii Five-O Season 8: How The Team Moves On Without Kono And Chin Ho
  5. Remember Everyone, Darkseid Is A Baby Now (SPOILERS)
  6. Damage Control: Disney World After Hurricane Irma
  7. GI Joe Comic Book Writer In 9/11 Twitterstorm
  8. A Timeline For Aubrey Sitterson, IDW, YoJoe… And GI Joe
  9. OK, It Seems Pretty Obvious Who Returns In Marvel Legacy Now – But How, And Why?
  10. Blindspot Season 3 Picks Up Immediately From Season 2 Finale
  11. Hydra And Red Skull Cosplay Banned By Rose City Comic Con
  12. Phoenix Resurrection: The Return Of Jean Grey By Matthew Rosenberg And Leinil Francis Yu For December
  13. Aftermath Of Secret Empire – The Tainting Of Captain America, The Death Of Black Widow, And Fantastic Four’s Legacy (SPOILERS)
  14. The Identity Of Mr Oz Revealed In Action Comics #987- But Do You Believe It? (SPOILERS)
  15. IDW Sends Out Official Statement Regarding G.I. Joe Writer’s 9/11 Tweets
  16. Len Wein Dies, At 69
  17. Tomorrow, One Marvel Comic Will Tease The Legacy Of The Fantastic Four
  18. PSA: One Of The Biggest Proponents Of Firing Aubrey Sitterson Is A Well-Known Anti-Diversity Troll Campaign
  19. The Identity Of Mr Oz Revealed In Action Comics #987- But Do You Believe It? (SPOILERS)
  20. Lucifer Season 3 Will Have Lucifer Keeping His Promise To Tell Chloe The Truth

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. Phoenix Resurrection By Leinil Francis Yu For Marvel Comics Coming In December?
  2. Tom King’s Batman #10 Dialogue Repetition Edited For Rebirth Hardcover Collection
  3. In December, DC And Watchmen Characters Will “Collide” In Doomsday Clock #2
  4. Venom Inc Is An Amazing Spider-Man/Venom Crossover Event For December
  5. Avengers #675 For January 2018 Is A Classified Mystery
  6. DC Comics To (Finally) Launch Damage, Immortal Men And Silencer In December
  7. Super Sons Of Tomorrow: A Superman, Super Sons, And Teen Titans Crossover Event From DC Comics
  8. Funko POP Figure For Saga’s Lying Cat For Free Comic Book Day 2018
  9. Separated At Birth: Lee JeeHyung’s Mary Jane Watson… And Francesco Mattina’s Mary Jane Watson
  10. Dennis O’Neil Returns To Batman One More Time In December

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