Bloodshot Is A Hardened Baltimore Oriole’s Fan.

Next week is Baltimore Comic Con, my home con, and Valiant has released a look at their convention exclusive comic;

Bloodshot Salvation #1 will be on sale during the con, and features Barry Kitson, Jeff Lemire, Lewis LaRosa,¬† and¬†Mico Suayan. The best thing about the comic though is Bloodshot’s face. This is obviously a man who’s been watching the O’s for years, and has been on this roller coaster the rest of us in this fair city have been. Especially now, with the playoffs looming, and the O’s chances of going getting smaller and smaller. Bloodshot is all of us. He knows. But don’t worry Bloodshot, it’s football season, and I’m hopeful the Ravens will have an amazing year this year.

The cover itself is beautiful though, and that is an accurate depiction of Camden Yards. You can even see Camden Station in the background! I have a feeling this cover will be a hit, and I can’t wait to get one.

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