The Return of Ninjak From #Valiant2020

The Return of Ninjak For #Valiant2020?

Gregg Katzman, Marketing co-ordinator of Valiant Entertainment gets in touch, telling us that someone is ‘Stepping Out of the Shadows in 2020…’ Well, yes, that would be Ninjak, wouldn’t it? Ninjak was created by Bob Layton, Mark Moretti and Joe Quesada in Bloodshot #6, back in 1993 as British aristocrat Colin King and in his […]

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Bloodshot Comes to Life In The New McFarlane Toys Figure

Bloodshot is best known as a character inside the world of Valiant Comics. Bloodshot will hit the big screen on February 21, 2020, with Vin Diesel portraying him. We don’t know too much about the movie but we do get to see a glimpse of Vin Diesel as this iconic character. McFarlane Toys has revealed […]

Vin Diesel Shares Sneak Peek at Valiant’s ‘Bloodshot’, Ray Garrison

Well, we have an image from Sony’s upcoming Bloodshot film about the Valiant Comics character starring Vin Diesel as the title character, but, it’s not what we were expecting. Diesel just posted this photo of Ray Garrison (aka Bloodshot) to his Instagram, giving fans a little background on the character’s importance to Valiant’s Cinematic Universe:   View […]

Valiant Claims Today’s Bloodshot Rising Spirit #1 Broke a Very Specific Sales Record

Bloodshot Rising Spirit #1, which just hit stores today, is already breaking sales records, according to a press release from Valiant Entertainment. The comic is the highest selling Bloodshot comic of the modern Valiant era, the press release claims, though since the book just hit stores today, we can safely add “to retailers” to the […]

Read This Preview of Bloodshot Rising Spirit Before It’s Too Late

It sounds like the title of a porno, and if the movie ever hits it big, that still might happen. But Bloodshot Rising Spirit is actually the launch of a brand new Bloodshot comic from the folks at Valiant Entertainment, with a story by Lonnie Nadler & Zac Thompson, written by Kevin Grevioux, with art […]

Kevin Grevioux Joins Creative Team of Bloodshot Rising Spirit

The old saying goes: two’s company, three’s a crowd. Hopefully, that doesn’t hold true for the writing team of Bloodshot Rising Spirit, because Kevin Grevioux has joined Zac Thompson and Lonnie Nadler to co-write the series alongside artist Ken Lashley. The news was revealed EX-X-XCLUSIVELY on comic book themed comic book website, and then later […]

Harbinger Wars II #4 Review: The Showdown of Livewire and X-O Manowar

The Loveboat is falling out of the sky, being driven by Bloodshot and Livewire. X-O Manowar tries to stop it, but Livewire keeps him distracted. On the inside, Geomancer and Peter Stanchek come together to try and stop this potential disaster. On the ground, Ninja-K and Major Charlie Palmer have it out one last time. […]

Valiant Will Ship Glass Variants Directly to Comic Book Stores

Back at San Diego Comic-Con, Valiant Entertainment introduced their latest innovation in variant covers: the glass variant. Yesterday, they revealed the details on the first-ever glass variant, for Bloodshot Rising Spirit #1, drawn by Doug Braithwaite. In the press release, the ordering incentives were explained: Retailers, take note: the BLOODSHOT RISING SPIRIT #1 Glass Variant […]

Vin Diesel Talks Parental Sacrifices in ‘Bloodshot’ Set Video

For all his tough-guy roles, sometimes it’s easy to forget how downright charming and relatable actor Vin Diesel is when he’s just being himself. Think about all his appearances on late-night talkshows, or the interviews when he starts waxing poetic about his D&D game(s) — not your typical action star on so many levels. Vin Diesel […]

Guy Pearce Is in Talks to Replace Michael Sheen in Bloodshot

Production for the film adaptation of the Valiant comic Bloodshot started yesterday, and we’re already looking at a cast member needing to be replaced. Michael Sheen has exited the project due to scheduling conflicts and Guy Pearce is in talks to replace him according to Deadline. Based on the Valiant comic book, the story centers […]

Harbinger Wars II #3 cover by JG Jones and Diego Rodriguez

Harbinger Wars II #3 Review: Changing Sides and Bloody Mayhem

Bloodshot and Livewire discovered that Geomancer is the one powering the Loveboat and keeping it aloft. The Geomancer strikes at Bloodshot, and Ray begins his warpath through G.A.T.E and the Loveboat. Meanwhile, Ninja-K, X-O Manowar, and Major Palmer have discovered the Psiot boy whose powers have gone out of control. However, Faith and another contingence […]

‘Bloodshot’ Production Has Started, According to Vin Diesel’s Recent Video

Vin Diesel is no stranger to comic book titles and films at this point, and he’s not stopping anytime soon. The next funny-papers-themed flick the actor is tackling is Valiant Comics’ property Bloodshot. Today on his personal Instagram account, Vin Diesel posted a video featuring the news that production on Bloodshot has begun. #Bloodshot A […]

Valiant Innovates Glass Comic Covers, Makes Livewire an Ongoing Book

At the Diamond Retailer Appreciation Lunch at San Diego Comic-Con, Valiant Entertainment have been showing off their wares. We get the new editorial lineup of Valiant. Faith Dreamside will take the character into the horror realm and really show how she’s a major player for Valiant. Maria Melnik will be writing the screenplay for the […]

Valiant/Sony Bloodshot Film Starring Vin Diesel Scheduled for February 21st, 2020

At the Diamond Retailer Appreciation Lunch at San Diego Comic-Con, Valiant Entertainment announced the release date for their upcoming movie from Sony, based on their comic book Bloodshot. The film’s release date is 21st February. And this is a firm date. Fists were pounded in emphasis. Filming starts August 6th this year, with Vin Diesel […]