Tomorrow’s Action Comics #987 Reveals The Identity Of Mr. Oz – But Will You Believe It?

When Mr. Oz first appeared in the Superman comics, courtesy of Geoff Johns and John Romita, he was a mystery of a character.

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But once he took to the foreground in the DC Rebirth Special, it was clear he was intended to be Adrian Veidt, Ozymandias from Watchmen, messing with Superman’s life. With nine panel grids, Nostalgia perfume logos and a knowledge of Superman.

As time went past, the suggestion was that it was instead Jor-El, Superman’s father from Krypton. He talked about bringing Superman up, he showed familiarity with Kryptonian technology, and DC released covers showing Jor-El and Mr Oz sentencing the criminals of the Phantom Zone.

Again, it looks as if we were being led to expect Mr. Oz to be Jor-El. Whether the Pre-Crisis Jor-El, as Bleeding Cool was told at the beginning of July, or not. But, as with Ozymandias, it feels too easy, as if we are being led by Geoff Johns machinations in this direction.

This is why I am expecting Mr. Oz to be revealed as Jor-El tomorrow in Action Comics #987.

But for there to be another reveal later down the line involving the Kryptonian villain Roz-Em, who changed his features to double as Jor-El’s identical twin — so therefore looking just like Jor-El, as well.

And somehow being involved with Amos Amoswell, the time travelling tech-magician, who wore the cloak and swung a scythe just like Mr. Oz as well, and brought Roz Em back from the Phantom Zone.

And yes, both have Mr. Oz inside their names, too — and yes, I know it’s an obscure reference. But this is Geoff Johns; would he really go with the obvious? And not have a major twist? I mean unless it’s all happening in Superboy Prime’s mind…

(W) Dan Jurgens (A) Viktor Bogdanovic (CA) Nick Bradshaw
“THE OZ EFFECT” part one! The agents of the mysterious Mr. Oz begin to move as the Man of Steel works to stop the chaos they unleash in Metropolis and across the globe. But when Mr. Oz steps from the shadows his identity rocks the Last Son of Krypton to his core. The story that began in DC Universe: Rebirth #1 begins to end here!In Shops: Sep 13, 2017
SRP: $2.99

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