Roman Reigns Was Looking At A Half-Empty Arena When He Bragged To John Cena About Ticket Sales

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It’s a well-known fact that WWE’s ratings and ticket sales have been in a slump lately, but last night’s promo between Roman Reigns and John Cena was especially awkward given Monday Night RAW’s attendance.

During their segment at RAW on Monday, Roman Reigns told rival John Cena:

“You came to Monday Night RAW and you called me out, and I wonder why that is. Maybe it’s because I’m selling the tickets that you haven’t sold in five years. You say I ain’t doin’ my job, but ticket sales are great. Revenue is sky high. WWE can make it without you. That’s why you don’t like me. WWE don’t need you, John. You need WWE.”

But delivering that line with a straight face must have been particularly difficult for Reigns, considering the Honda Arena in Anaheim was unusually empty for a televised WWE show. On the side of the arena that the cameras face away from, there were a lot of empty seats, and the upper layer appears to be tarped off completely, as seen in this photo posted on Twitter from the arena:

Oof. Well, to be fair, neither Reigns nor Cena did a good job of selling out this arena. So neither one is doing their job very well.

Better find some attitude era stars who can wrestle, quick!

Watch the promo below:

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