Phoenix Resurrection By Leinil Francis Yu For Marvel Comics Coming In December?

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This is the word coming to Bleeding Cool from a source who has proved themselves pretty reliable in the past. We just haven’t heard from them in a while.

Rumor has it that December will see a new series from Marvel Comics launch for Marvel Legacy called Phoenix Resurrection, and drawn by Leinil Yu. Maybe even written, we don’t yet have the full details.

Yu would be a big get for Marvel Comics, he hasn’t had a comic book run since Inhumans Vs X-Men, but worked on issues of Secret Empire. The Superior deal with Millarworld and Netflix may have been a factor…

Phoenix is the cosmic force that possessed Jean Grey in the X-Men, and has popped up ever since, with a variety of hosts over the years. Hopefully we will hear more soon. Or we could hear less. One of the two. Here’s a previous Phoenix image by Yu, giving old Wolverine a little cuddle.

ERRATA: Yes, I got Steve McNiven mixed up with Leinil Yu, in an earlier version of this. That’s what happens when I try to write with the flu. Sorry folks. Thanks to Tom for actually telling me.


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