A New Venom Series By Ryan Stegman Coming In December For Marvel Legacy?

This is the word coming to Bleeding Cool from a source who has proved themselves pretty reliable in the past. We just haven’t heard from them in a while.

Rumor has it that December will see the launch of a brand-new Venom series from Marvel Comics as part of Marvel Legacy, now that Venomverse will be over, namely Venom Inc, written by Venom-familiar Ryan Stegman.

Might this be a more permanent home for some of the parallel universe versions of the Venom symbiote taking other Marvel characters as hosts in Venomverse? It’s been a strong-selling comic book, Marvel might want to give it more of an ongoing home. Unless it’s a mini-series. Either way, keep on keeping on.

Let’s wait until those December solicits, shall we? A few more stories to share first.

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