Thought Bubble Debut: Laura Braga’s Variant For Weeroes #1

Posted by September 10, 2017 Comment

The Thought Bubble Festival begins in Leeds in eight days’ time with the comic-con side beginning in thirteen days. Bleeding Cool will be there and there will be plenty of comic books old and new to pick up.

We’re going to try and take a look at some of the comics appearing for the first time at the show. If you are exhibiting at Thought Bubble and would like to preview something you are debuting there, please let us know!

The Weeroes is written by Allen Cordrey (Harken’s Raiders), Rachel Deering (Amelia Cole), with art by Darryl Banks (Green Lantern), Matthew Waite (Deadpool) & Craig Rousseau (Perhapsnauts).

It’s an all ages comic book that follows the adventures of four young heroes as they protect Weecago Lil’inios. The team is led by super genius Callie Cueles and features the fashionable weather caster, Princess Cloudburst, Puppy Lad, who can turn into any dog provided they aren’t scary and the boy with the magic blanket, Woobie.

You can read one of their adventures free on-line here.

And at Thought Bubble, they will have Weeroes #1 with a Laura Braga of DC Bombshells, Witchblade cover variant below…

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