There’s Only So Much Health In ‘Crimson Keep’ At PAX West

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The second of two titles I got to try out from Merge Games at PAX West was Crimson Keep. This is a cool little adventure game that goes back to the old school way of dungeon crawling. First-person, single weapon, no map, and the best of luck to you getting through it. I wasn’t given much in the way of story from the devs, this was more of a “drop you in and see how you do” kind of demo as I got to explore various caves and dwellings where enemies were lying in wait.

One of the biggest factors to the game that will really put people to the test is the idea that health is in short supply. Which has kind of a running theme at this year’s PAX. Basically, if you get hit, you’re a little screwed as there are very few opportunities to heal yourself. So you can’t go running through a level just mashing the strike button however you see fit. You will have a chance to change out your weapons, pick up armor, find what rare potions there are, and use scrolls to get through the game. I wasn’t given an official release date for Crimson Keep at the event, so chances are you won’t see this until 2018.

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