Metroidvania Game Skytorn Has Officially Been Canceled

Sad indie news this week as the upcoming Metroidvania platformer Skytorn has been canceled, with no plans to keep it on ice and develop it later. The news came from Noel Berry, one of the devs who also worked on Celeste and helped bring that video game to fruition. The news came down from a post […]

Indie Hits 2018 Edition ft. GRIS, Dead Cells, Into the Breach & More!

Nintendo Salutes the Awesome 2018 Indies on Switch With New Video

If there’s one thing Nintendo has taken a lot of pride in with the Nintendo Switch, it’s the collection of indie video games now on the console. A drastic change to how the previous two consoles used to be, as we haven’t seen this many third-party titles on a Nintendo console since the NES/SNES days. […]

Developer Friend & Foe Reveals Screenshots and Trailer for Vane

This week at the Kinda Funny Games Showcase, indie Japanese developer Friend & Foe revealed new screenshots and a trailer for Vane. The game is going to be a PS4 exclusive title and it was revealed we would be seeing it released on January 15th, 2019. This game looks pretty amazing with the art design and […]

Day Of The Devs 2018 Will Return to San Francisco in November

Double Fine Productions and iam8bit have officially announced the sixth annual Day of the Devs event in San Francisco, returning on November 11th. If you’ve never been to one of these events, it’s basically a giant day-long indie developer meetup where you can try dozens and dozens of video games, some for the first time, over […]

Jujubee Releases a New Trailer for Their Russian Submarine Game KURSK

Polish indie game developer Jujubee has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming Russian submarine title KURSK. The trailer itself doesn’t just show off a bunch of clips, it gives you a look at the actual gameplay as you will be playing a documentary-style game around a real-life nuclear sub named K-141 that sank […]

Treadnauts Receives a New Launch Trailer as It’s Released on Steam

Topstitch Games decided to release a new trailer for Treadnauts as the game came out last week on Steam. The indie competitive action platformer got some attention this year for the colorful and chaotic gameplay, and now we’re excited to try it out! Check out the trailer and full game description below. Treadnauts gives competitive platform fighters a kiss […]

The Endless Mission is Receiving a Beta After PAX West

Today, the folks at E-Line Media have released details about their upcoming title, The Endless Mission, along with a trailer for a beta coming in September. The game was one of the standouts from the past year’s worth of conventions, often being described as “the game where you build a video game”, but with much more […]

Necrobarista Reveals PS4 Version and Free Demo on the Way

Some cool news this morning from Route 59 as they announced Necrobarista will be released on the PS4 along with the Nintendo Switch and PC versions. On top of that, the developers released a new trailer and game description, both of which we have here, as well as the news that a free PC demo will […]

Snowpeak Studio Announces Blood Ancestors is Headed to Early Access

Snowpeak Studio announced this week that Blood Ancestors would enter Steam’s Early Access system, and they have complemented it with a new trailer. If you’re not familiar with it, this is a team-based first-person melee combat that is super on-the-fly as far as fighting goes and will force you to think on your feet with a […]

Perp Games Announces Deluxe Edition of The Station Coming to Consoles

Over the weekend, Perp Games made the announcement that The Station would be coming to both Xbox One and PS4 in a Deluxe Edition. According to the devs, both versions will include all the DLC and bonus content that came to the game, but the PS4 version will come with a VR update so you […]

Indie Arena Booth 2018 Releases Their Entire Gamescom Lineup

The crew behind the Indie Arena Booth 2018 released their complete list of games coming to Gamescom in a couple weeks. You can check out the list below curated from a few different websites, as well as on their website, and we have a full trailer for you to check out below. The lineup is actually […]

Little Medusa Released as a Cartridge Game for SNES and Genesis

Mega Cat Studios released a brand new 16-bit indie title this week called Little Medusa, but this one was created to be an old-school cartridge title. The game itself is a classic dungeon crawler where you play a kid version of the Greek villain who could turn objects to stone that looked at her, as […]

Frostpunk August 18 update

Frostpunk Receives a New Update That Includes a New Content Roadmap

11 Bit Studios has released a fresh content update for Frostpunk this week, as people will get a free DLC update for “People and Automatons”. You can check out some of the details below along with a trailer for the update, or read the full note at this link along with what appears to be […]

Not Tonight Shows What a Post-Brexit Dystopian UK Might Look Like

No More Robots posted a brand new trailer and announcement for their upcoming political satire indie game, Not Tonight. The game takes a look at an alternative London after the post-Brexit era has taken effect, and nothing about it look pleasant. Basically, it appears like you’ll be checking everyone’s ID and dealing with the fallout of […]

RedG Studios Releases a New Trailer for Its Horror Game S.O.N.

This week we got a brand-new trailer from RedG Studios for their PlayStation 4 exclusive psychological survival horror game S.O.N. The video shows off some freaking first-person footage meant to look like it was filmed on a ’90s camcorder, leading to some pretty horrifying things that can’t easily be explained. Check out the trailer and the game’s […]

Indie Developer Yager Releases a New Trailer For Latest Game The Cycle

This week, German indie developer Yager released a fresh new trailer for their upcoming first-person shooter called The Cycle. The game puts the player in a situation where they’ll need to make alliances in order to complete quests, while others in the world are trying to do the same thing as anyone can attack anyone. […]

Stardew Valley logo

Stardew Valley Will Finally Get Multiplayer on PC in August

Those of you who have been waiting to play Stardew Valley in multiplayer mode on the PC will get your chance next month. Chucklefish and ConcernedApe released a brand-new trailer for the game today, which you can watch at the bottom, letting fans know that the multiplayer patch will officially come to the game on August 1st. […]

Berlin Studio Klang Games Raises Nearly $9 Million for Their Latest Title

If you’ve been following Klang Games recently, then you may have heard of their super ambitions space simulator game Seed that’s been in the works. Today, the company announced that they had completely secured funding for the game, coming to a grand total of $8.95 million dollars. The majority of that money invested from Northzone, along […]

MoonQuest is Finally Released After Seven Years of Development

MoonQuest is a game that I remember reading about years ago back in 2012 on a couple different forums thinking it was a really cool concept. Then 2013 came and it never was released. Then 214, then 2015, then I lost track because other indie titles came out that caught my interest. Myself and others just assumed it […]

The Cute World of Ooblets Debuts Just Before E3 Kicks Off

We always love seeing indie games make their debut at places, and this time around we got to see Ooblets debut at the PC Gaming Show. This game is kinda cute and cuddly as you’re basically farming creatures for a living, and then living with them and having them around as pets. It’s really funky to see […]