When An Antisemite Asks For A Copy Of Coraline…

A bookseller in England writes to Bleeding Cool:

So I almost served an antisemite today.

An absolute toad of a woman demanded to drive her shop mobility scooter through the shop, and knocked every down in her path, who cursed like a fish monger in the process.

She arrived at my till and asked for a copy of Coraline. Then she asked who wrote it.

I told her. “Neil Gaiman,” I said.

Her face twisted like crunched up dishrag.

“Gaiman?” she said. “What kind of name’s that?”

“He’s Jewish.” I said.

Her face curled with disgust. “No thank you.” she said. “Don’t want it now.”

And she calmly left the shop.

And that’s a true story. No bullshit.

I am guessing Neil Gaiman doesn’t exactly mind the lost sale.

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