A Preview Of Image Comics’ Void Trip – And What Is With The White Noise Writers Studio?

Void Trip #1 is a new comic from Ryan O’Sullivan and Plaid Klaus out in November from Image Comics. We’re running a preview below.

I know Ryan from a variety of vaguely drunken encounters (out this Thursday, Ryan?) and that he is part of a comic book writer studio, White Noise, alongside Ram V, Dan Watters, and Alex Paknadel — a successful one, too, as all members seem to have books coming out at certain publishers at the same time.

For example, right now, Titan is publishing comics from all of them, namely Doctor Who, Warhammer 40,000, Dark Souls, Assassin’s Creed, The Evil Within, Quake and Wolfenstein.

Dan Watters’s Image book, Limbo, came out last year, and Ryan has Void Trip announced for this year. I hear that Ram has one soon to be announced. And Alex also has something in the works.

And I am told that they have all just signed a deal with a mystery publisher to do one book each for them next year.

Comics writer studios are not a common thing in the industry, but White Noise shows how they may be just the thing for some.

Here’s the info, and preview of Void Trip #1.


NOVEMBER 22 / 32 PAGES / FC / M / $3.99

From writer RYAN O’SULLIVAN (Turncoat, The Evil Within, Warhammer 40,000) and illustrator PLAID KLAUS (Turncoat) comes the story of Ana and Gabe, the last two humans left alive in the galaxy. They’re low on fuel, they’re low on food, and they’re low on psychedelic space froot, but they’re still determined to make it to the promised land: hippy-paradise super-planet Euphoria. This is the story of their journey, the friends and enemies they made along the way, and how the universe responded to those who dared to live freely within it.

“Beautiful, drugged, and hilarious Sci-fi from an alternate universe where the only Captain America anyone cares about is the one in Easy Rider.”
—Kieron Gillen

“We had an early look at this and it’s pretty damn good, put that release date on your calendar!”
—Big Bang Comics


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