The Internet Asks: Does Brenton Thwaites Have The Butt To Be Nightwing?

The forever-delayed Titans television show finally cast their Dick Grayson/Nightwing this week. The role went to Brenton Thwaites, who recently starred in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. And aside from being the first Robin, there is another thing that Dick Grayson in the comics is known for that Bleeding Cool has covered extensively: he has a nice butt.

So what was the Google search that shot up when Thwaites was announced as Dick Grayson? I’ll give you three guesses — and the first two don’t count.


Good job, internet. I’m proud of you. You know the important part of the character, and you made sure the actor could cover that role. Here are the Google stats as of today:


Still important information. Now we have to wait and see who is going to be the first journalist to ask Thwaites about his butt during press rounds. You know someone is going to do it.

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