Another Possibility For The Secret Identity Of Mr Oz – And A Prime Suspect From Supergirl’s Past

At Bleeding Cool, we are more and more settling into the idea of Mr. Oz from the Superman books being Roz-Em, the Kryptonian super-villain who posed at Superman back in Adventure Comics in the sixties.

He had facial surgery to look just like Jor-El’s twin brother — and thus Jor-El as well — and Superman, for that matter.

But there’s another interesting twist we picked up on. Because while most texts recognise the Adventure Comics story with Superboy and a mention in The Phantom Zone #1 comic, there is another that hasn’t been notified by collectors, in Adventure Comics #395 and #396, in a story with Supergirl.

Here, she visits a haunted house…

…once owned by a famous inventor, Amos Amoswell.

…is confronted by the ghost of Jor-El…

…and other created beasts…

…then realises it can’t be Jor-El, but is instead Roz-Em..

…and ends up fighting the inventor of the gadgets that summoned Roz-Em from the Phantom Zone…

…who wears a hooded robe and handles a scythe a little like Mr. Oz…

Could Mr. Oz be Roz-Em, who took his clothes from Amos Amoswell when he later emerged from the Phantom Zone?

Or… could he be Amos Amoswell? Am-Oz Am-Oz-Well? He is a powerful time traveller and reality manipulator.

It’s a theory… indeed, it’s two of them.

What do you think now?

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