We’re Giving Away One Of LOFTEK’s Amazing And Durable Shape Lights!

Posted by September 1, 2017 Comment

At my core, I’m a big cosplay fan. I love looking for objects to use in cosplay, and of course new and interesting ways to use light. LOFTEK’s shape light (in this case, a cube) is pretty awesome. The cube is durable, and can be used as a chair, table, or whatever you might need. Or, if you’re crafty enough, you could make a giant Cosmic Cube. It changes colors, and can put on an interesting light show. It could also be good lighting for cosplay shoots if you’re going for something dramatic. Check out the video for a short rundown.

Interested in getting one for yourself? Comment below with what you would do with one of these cubes, and a winner will be picked by September 9th!

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