4Chan User Trolls Marvel’s ‘America’, Gets Letter Printed

America is the ongoing series from Marvel Comics starring the character Ms. America Chavez, written by Gabby Rivera and drawn by Joe Quinones, Ming Doyle, and now Ramon Villaboros  with upcoming pages from Jaime Hernandez, a first for a monthly Marvel comic. And for some people on the internet, it is the very worst comic book on the planet. It commits the crime of being a first-time comic written by a YA novelist, having characters of a variety of sexual origins and identities and ethnic diversities, and being a positive activist comic.

But rather than realising it might not be for everyone, and buy something they do like instead, there seems to be campaigns from some to deride the title and see it destroyed, delighting in any possible chance it may have of cancellation.

And one such trolling attempt appears to have been semi-successful. 4chan is the collection of message board known for their anarchic free speech, responsible for everything from alt-right memes such as Pepe to the anti-Scientology actions of Anonymous. The subgroup 4chan/co, which focuses on comics, animation, and sometimes how terrible I am, saw one member concoct a fake letter for America sent to editorial intended to mock the series with over-the-top praise that they think this comic undeservedly gets. And then they compare the comic to a much-derided movie. The letter is signed from CO, the 4chan subforum in question.

Some of the group mocked the sender for it being too obvious, or not making the right jokes or being a wasted opportunity. And then in this week’s America #7, Marvel went and printed it…

And it got an editorial response as well.

Cue utter celebration and mocking of Marvel again.

To be fair, it never went away…

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