X-Men Gets A Brand-New Supernatural Supervillain Team – And It’s One You May Recognise

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You may recognise some of the folk below from the Secret Wars series Inferno — a world in which the X-Men Inferno crossover from the ’80s had hell possess Manhattan, keep going, and engulf the world. The Goblin Queen was a escapee from that world, post-Secret Wars, and now seems (with a little help from her turned-Beast) to have brought a few more friends along for the ride.

And in X-Men Blue #6 by Cullen Bunn, Giovanni Valletta, Scott Hanna and Guru, we get to meet them, too.

Oh, and she has a new name for them. Though, to be fair, any improvement on the usual bad guy names in the X-Men would be an improvement. I mean, do you remember their very first supervillain team they had to combat back in the ’60s?

So in comparison, anything else will work better, So what name for these demonic supernatural twisted versions of the merry mutant marching society we have learned to love, as they now become something magically twisted and possessed into hate?

Actually that’s not bad. I can see the toyline now. You know, if Marvel will still let people make X-Men toys…

Welcome, to the Hex-Men. Expect a trademark registration any second now.

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