RUMOR: Will Another Hero Show Up In The Punisher?

The Defenders is officially out, so that means it’s time to turn our sights to the next Marvel Netflix series, The Punisher. The rumor mill is already turning, from everything to the plot to the release date and MCU Exchange might have a new bit of information. This happened at Asia Pop Comic-Con in a Marvel presentation called Hall M:

During the Punisher segment of the presentation, our distinguished host C.B. Cebulski who happens to be Senior Vice President of Creator and Content Development at Marvel) dropped an interesting tidbit about Frank’s debut show. While praising Jeph Loeb‘s oversight over Marvel TV’s success with the Netflix shows, C.B. stated offhandedly in verbatim that “another Marvel hero may be showing up [in the Punisher],” a comment that a handful of the audience gasped at.

This wouldn’t have much credibility behind if we didn’t get another piece of information. Rich Johnson attended a panel with Brian Michael Bendis, who revealed that Moon Knight and Deadpool would be joining the team in the comics. If Bendis was made aware of Moon Knight making an appearance in the Punisher show, he could be adding him to the team for that reason.

Cebulski choice of words should be key, as well, because the word “new” is not there, so this could be someone we already know. Daredevil and the Punisher already have an extremely complicated relationship in the show, but for reasons relating to end of The Defenders that we won’t spoil here. However, we also don’t know when the Punisher series takes place in terms of timeline. It could take place before, which opens up Daredevil as a possible suspect (and Jessica Jones, as well).

We probably won’t know anything about this for several months. Marvel/Netflix usually has a strong presence at New York Comic Con, which is at the beginning of October. If they are looking at the mid-November release date that is rumored, NYCC would be the perfect place to reveal quite a bit.

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