The Final Page Of Spider-Man II #5 Will Be A Thing...

The Final Page Of Spider-Man II #5 Will Be A Thing…

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At London Super Comic Con today, Brian Bendis seemed to have a wonderful time entertaining the audience with stories about his work, his anecdotes, his influences and what is to come. It’s his first comic con trip to the UK and talked about wanting to come here for so long and having been invited since Ultimate Spider-Man first came out but that this was the first time he was able to make it. And he was very appreciative of the welcome he had received.

There were lots of questions asked and answers given.

One question was very specific about his decision to revive the Ultimate Peter Parker character in Ultimate Spider-Man after his death, and after Miles Morales had been established as the new Ultimate Spider-Man.

Brian Bendis grinned widely and told us all to wait until the final page of Spider-Man II #5, his current comic-book miniseries sequel to Spider-Men, featuring the 616 Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Something that Marvel isn’t going to be heavily promoting or spoiling in the mainstream media,  but something he was very happy about.

We can but wait!

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