Have The Venomverse Exclusive Covers Revealed Its Protagonist?

Have The Venomverse Exclusive Covers Revealed The Series’ Protagonist? (Possible Spoilers)

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Venomverse #1 is one of the Marvel titles getting a bunch of retailer exclusive covers, with all sorts of retailers making all sorts of requests for the kind of covers drawn by various artists exclusive to their stores. Exclusive retailer covers give individual retailers the opportunity to get a cover specifically for their store and nowhere in else, in return for ordering several thousand copies of the issue. It can provide the retailer with a collectible or a promotional giveaway, while bumping up the publisher’s orders for the title.

But for Venomverse, there seems to be one request that has frequently been denied: any covers that feature the Venom character Carnage, a serial killer-influenced symbiote character who has recently been treading more on the side of angels.

And the suggestion is that he could be the protagonist of the series — or at least the guy who saves the day.

Unless they have another reason to keep him off the covers. Here are a couple of those exclusives, courtesy of Scorpion Comics, exclusively launching at New York Comic Con (booth 2355) , by Mark Bagley and Francesco Mattina.


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