The Kree Language And More Easter Eggs To Appear In Marvel’s Inhumans

One of the best things about Marvel Studios and Marvel Television is that they stick a lot of Easter eggs into their series. You can constantly find references to other characters, comics, cameos, name drops, etc. It’s something for the hardcore comic fans, and I think people really enjoy that. Seems that the director for the first two Marvel’s Inhumans episodes, Roel Reine, is the same way. He loves Easter eggs — he told Collider he even worked the Kree Language into the sets of the Inhumans as often as he could.


Here is what Reine said when asked about Easter eggs in the series:

“Oh yes, and I’m fighting on a daily basis with Marvel about it. Because I love Easter eggs. I’m a big Easter egg guy. I love blogs about people are blogging about it. They always tell me not to look at the blogs, to stay away from this world, but I think you know there is a big audience and you make this project for that audience, for myself, but also for that Audience, so I tried to put a lot of Easter eggs in and a lot of Marvel things in. And one of the things I’m really proud of is that the The Kree created the Inhumans. The Kree is kind of the Gods of the Marvel universe for a lot of characters. And The Kree have a special language. A special style of language. So I had the art director and you will see it when you see the other sets. I had the art director build The Kree language in like an hieroglyphe way. Like it’s been there for ages, before the humans were created. So we build them in the sets. There was a monolith. We had to cover something we had to shoot in Honolulu where we were shooting. So we put a monolith over a statue that we could not see. We put hieroglyphs in there. We have like for example for the Tower of Genesis thing we have this box but it’s like ancient old. But also here we have The Kree kind of language on it. What I’m really proud of. And a lot of fans will love it. And I already saw a blog. Somebody illegally photographed the set like a week ago or two weeks ago and they photographed the monolith in front of the set we were filming and they already talk about it. ‘Oh, it’s The Kree language.’ ‘Oh, it’s so cool.’ I love that stuff.

Marvel’s Inhumans will premiere in IMAX theaters on September 1st and then on ABC September 29th.

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