Holocaust-Denying Star Wars Cosplay Designer Stands With White Nationalist-Rallying Supergirl Cosplayer

Jamin Fite is a cosplay designer famous for making metal bikinis in the style of Star Wars‘ Princess Leia, under the name Leia’s Metal Bikini. He’s also famous, as reported in a Bleeding Cool article from 2016, for being a Holocaust denier. And just as a Supergirl cosplayer attending a white supremacist march in Charlottesville being the big story on Bleeding Cool this week, it seems that Fite has been up to his old tricks again.

A tweet containing screenshots of Fite’s Facebook page seems to show Fite having changed the banner on his personal Facebook page to a photo of that same white supremacist and neo-Nazi march. Fite writes, “Hail my People. Hail my Leader. Hail Victory!” in the caption to the photo.

But a search for Jamin Fite on Facebook turns up only the Leah’s Metal Bikini company page, not Fite’s personal page, where the action appears to have taken place. If Fite’s Facebook page handle is the same as it was back when we published our 2016 story, then it would appear to have been deleted or made private, as the page now shows only this message:

But there is a page on Facebook that appears to be dedicated to condemning Fite for his racism, and that page also has an update on Fite’s recent activity, including one from February, to catch us up:

As well as several from this weekend, including one corroborating the Twitter post:

And bringing things full circle, one with Fite jumping to the defense of beleaguered Supergirl cosplayer Alisa Norris, AKA Alisa Kiss, who told Bleeding Cool in an interview about her participation in the white supremacist rally, “‘Blood and soil’ and ‘you will not replace us’ are about white countries having their populations replaced with mass immigration. It’s wrong what is happening to France, Germany, England, etc. They deserve to exist in their own countries and not be over run and taken over.”

Bleeding Cool confirmed the recent screenshots were real with an eyewitness, and reached out to Jamin Fite for comment. He has not responded as of press time, but a person claiming to be him emailed Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnston earlier this weekend, unsolicited, in response to the Supergirl cosplayer story to ask: “Are you a Jew?? You seem to hate the white race so much, it’s only fair to ask.”

And he appears to have left a few comments on our articles Saturday, as well:

So if after this weekend’s coverage you were asking yourself the question, who will stand with the Supergirl cosplayer who stood with the white supremacists in Charlottesville, it looks like you have your answer: Jamin Fite will.

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