The Defenders: How Daredevil Helps Danny Rand Grow

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Of the various members of the The Defenders Danny Rand (Finn Jones) is the youngest in a few different ways. In an interview with IGN, Jones talks about which of the Defenders Danny is going to learn the most from.

“Danny is definitely influenced by these three characters. Up until the end of Iron Fist, Danny didn’t even know what a superhero was. He had these responsibilities and he had this power, but he didn’t know how to handle it. He was so caught up in his own trauma and his own grief, he kind of let the power run away from him for a little bit, the responsibility run away from him a bit. He wasn’t well-equipped to handle it, which is why he ran away from K’un L’un, foolishly, and he definitely regrets that now,” Jones said. “Meeting these three heroes, they’re a little bit older, they’re probably about six or seven years older than him, and they’re people with abilities and problems that still manage to keep their **** together and live a responsible and purposeful life. Danny is really in admiration of that, especially in admiration of Daredevil. He sees someone who is slightly tortured, who has difficulties, who hasn’t had the perfect life, but yet he can use these abilities in a way which is responsible and can help the community and help other people. Danny sees these other three people and he’s really inspired by what they are able to achieve, so it’s like Danny meeting a bunch of older brothers and sister for the first time, and they’re keeping him in check a little bit, and they give him a self-realization that he can do that as well.”

It’s not surprising that Danny would look up to someone like Matt. They are both primarily hand-to-hand guys, and Matt is much better at faking having his stuff together.

Summary: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist team up to fight crime in New York City.

Marvel’s The Defenders, created by Douglas Petrie and Marco Ramirez, stars Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, Finn Jones, and Sigourney Weaver. It’s streaming on Netflix now.

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