Thor Gets The Marvel Legends Box Set We All Wanted, But Is It Worth It?

Thor is about to have arguably his biggest year so far. Jason Aaron‘s epic run on the character is still chugging along, Thor: Ragnarok is looking like it has a shot to be the craziest and most-entertaining superhero film of the year, and there are more Thor-related toys on the shelf right now than any other time. One of those that you can get your hands on this week on the Hasbro Toy Shop is the SDCC exclusive Thor Marvel Legends box set. Titled “Battle for Asgard”, the figures are based on their current comics appearances.

And what presentation! The figures come in a pentagon shape with a slipcase over it to hold it together. Once that is removed, you can fold out the box to show off a gorgeous mural by artist Tyler Jacobson that features a long-form poem, as well. It really is a sight to behold in person; the design work is top notch and one of the best presentations I have ever seen.

Once opened up, the figures are displayed in their own triangle boxes, with their names and a bio sentence underneath the box window. It makes each figure feel special and unique, and I love the look of the gold writing on the black boxes. It really pops and makes the set totally displayable without opening the figures for all of you MOC collectors.

First figure in the set is Bor, and he is quite a figure. He comes with his an axe and a shield, which attaches to his wrist. It does not come off no matter what. Very easy to maneuver around; nothing about him hinders the movement of the figure. And that sculpt! Man, that has to be the most epic beard ever on a figure.

Next we will skip to the last figure in the set, Ulik. The most basic figure here, he comes with no accessories, but that is due to the sheer size of this guy. Another impressive sculpt; he is heavy, huge, and just a cool figure to pose and not do much with. The giant chest piece makes his head a little hard to turn, but overall he is just a cool bigger piece for your shelf.

Malekith is where this set starts to take a turn for me. While the look of this figure is stunning, I have some serious issues with the articulation. The hair and shoulder pieces hinder the hell out of what you can do with his upper body, and unfortunately mine has serious issues with the legs. The right leg joint at the hip is not properly joined, and it makes him quite difficult to stand.

Sadly, my least favorite figure in here is the one the whole set is arguably centered around. Jane Foster became Thor a few years ago now, and I could not wait to get my hands on a figure of her. However, just like Malekith the sculpt and look of the figure is fantastic, but the articulation and trouble posing this figure make it a disappointment. And it starts with the cape. Just like Hela and Loki from the Ragnarok wave out now, it detaches in the back and hangs so loosely that it falls off constantly. Her hair kind of holds it into place, but not really. All of the joints on this one are completely loose and they do not hold their poses very well at all. Overall, this figure was super disappointing; hopefully the regular release is better.

The Odinson on the other hands, minus one flaw on mine, is great. From the pissed-off look on his face through the tattered and torn cape, this one out of the box is my favorite figure, except one thing: mine has a very bad shoulder joint where his metal arm connects. It affords no correct movement, so his arm has to stay pretty much how it is in the pictures here. I’m really sad about that one, because the rest of the figure is pretty perfect.

Overall, this box set is hit or miss for the price, which is $99.99. If mine had a little bit better quality in a couple of the figures, it would have been a slam dunk. Sadly, this was not the case. YMMV, but if you want to pick one up and you are a MOC collector, this one is a must own. It should be up for order on Hasbro Toy Shop at some point today.

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