Salvation Through Reconnection: ‘Harvard Gardens’ On Indiegogo

Christopher Ables Writes:

“Through her brother’s mind is her salvation. With dynamic artwork, complex characters and wildly engaging story line, Harvard Gardens: Volume One is a fantastical and cerebral comic that will entrap you until the very end.”

Harvard Gardens: Volume One is a new comic written and illustrated by me, Christopher Ables, a Los Angeles based illustrator and graphic artist, due out Spring 2018. A labor of love in the purest form, the story of Harvard Gardens has been on my mind for more than 15 years, evolving from a collection of illustrations and recurring characters dear to me, into a short story and ultimately into an independent comic.

Intended as a four-volume comic, Harvard Gardens tells the story of Lee Gardens, a bitter and selfish young woman who, after her mother’s death, learns she has been named legal guardian of her developmentally disabled twin brother, Harvard. Amidst the objections from those closest to the family, Lee commits Harvard to state care — but after a violent car accident, Lee finds herself trapped within the bizarre imaginary world of her brother’s creation.

With Harvard Gardens: Volume One complete and Volume Two soon under way, I am looking to print, distribute, and market this comic amongst comic fans both online and at comic book conventions. For those who may know about the industry and the steps it takes to self-publish, the process is filled with arduous and expensive steps, which is why I have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to cover the costs and fulfill my goal of seeing this comic come to life.

You can check out the Indiegogo campaign right here, and you can learn more about Harvard Gardens and me at

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Josh Davison here; this comic caught my eye with Mr. Ables’s interesting premise and fantastic artwork. This very much seems like a comic worth supporting more than worth my time to spotlight here on the site.

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