The Shocking (SPOILER) Of Batman At Superman's Hands By Jonathan Glapion For #DCMetal

Dark Nights: Metal artist Jonathan Glapion has posted some art from Dark Nights: Metal, and it contains a pretty shocking spoiler…

Here's a page from the book that Glapion tweeted this morning, in a now-deleted tweet:

Say what?

It looks like somebody has been reading our Tumblr slashfic, but they totally misunderstood what we meant by "fisting." Then again, it's possible this twist had a different inspiration than our secret fantasies: the video game and comic universe of DC's Injustice.

Bats looks more shocked to see Supes do that to the Joker than to himself, doesn't he? He probably always saw it coming.

So is this the end for Batman? Has it really been that long since the last time DC killed him off? It can't be that easy, can it? Surely there's something else happening here. Is Superman under Dark Multiverse influence? Is Batman an evil clone? Has anyone got a cosmic cube?! Surely there's some explanation for this that will allow DC to continue to publish seventeen ongoing Batman titles!

We'll learn more when Dark Nights: Metal #1 hits stores next Wednesday.

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