Shiny Pikachu And Raichu Have Appeared In Pokemon Go In Japan

Pokemon Go appears to have gotten shiny versions of Pikachu and Raichu while we weren’t looking. The new shiny versions of our favorite mascot were spotted first in Japan.

As reports, Niantic hadn’t announced the addition of shiny Pikachu (which comes in a darker shade of yellow thats almost orange, and has a special “shiny” animation), but attendees of the Pikachu Outbreak events in Japan have been able to capture the rarer electic mouse Pokemon.

And since shiny Pokemon will evolve into the shiny versions of their evolutions, shiny Raichu is also available in game, as seen below:

Currently, there’s no evidence that the new shinies are available outside of the Japanese events. But it is possible they’ll be coming stateside for some upcoming Pokemon Go events.

Before now, only two other Pokemon were available in shiny form – Magikarp and Gyarados. However, datamining suggests there a bigger plans for shinies in future.

While shiny Pikachu isn’t available for most of us, we can catch the legendary Zapdos in game. Which is a decent consolation prize.

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